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When buying a motor home should you buy new or used

In today’s economy the dream of owning a motor home for vacation or as a primary temporary residence requires some thought. The cost of fuel both gas and diesel has had a very negative effect on the recreational vehicle business. However depending on how you intend to use this vehicle could make the cost of fuel less of a problem. There is some good news in the down market in that if you are a buyer in this market there are some excellent values to be had in both new and used vehicles.

There is not much doubt that the price of fossil fuels will keep rising. The rise could be moderate over the next couple of years or if some crisis strikes the oil industry fuel costs could not only be astronomical but it may even become hard to purchase. Anyone who was around during the oil crisis of the 1970s will have vivid memories of the long lines and high cost of fuel at that time.

Knowing this, how might an rv be a beneficial investment. If your purpose is to use to travel great distances for vacationing then it might be a bad purchase. If you planned on parking it at a local or nearby campground and using it as a cottage where you would get lots of use from it without having to drive it then this could be a positive investment. Some might even consider buying an RV and driving it to their dream location such as Florida or Arizona and using it as a primary residence. If a large enough vehicle was purchased and there were only two or three occupants than this might be an economical move.

The ability to move your home at low cost could put your mind at ease in today’s crazy economy. This would work especially well for retirees or even a young working couple who would like to move to different states every few years.

However you intend to use one of these vehicles some decisions need to be made prior to purchase. First should you buy new or used? With the down economy there are good values available. The choices might not be as great as usual because of manufacturers cutting back on production. You would have a new vehicle warranty and the knowledge that the vehicle had not been abused. Everybody loves the smell of a new vehicle. However, you might take a large loss when you sell the vehicle.

In the used market you should be able to find almost any make and model you choose at extremely low prices. Many owners suffering from job loss or just the fear that fuel will be too expensive are anxious to deal. With a used motor home you will need to have the motor and generator examined by a competent mechanic. A very close inspection of running gear, appliances, water and waste disposable systems is in order.

If the vehicle was heavily used you will no doubt find scratches and dents and dings that you would not see in a new vehicle. However this may be a small distraction when a rock bottom purchase price is available. In addition because you will pay much less for a used motor home you should realize a smaller loss if you have to sell the vehicle.