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Motorhomes, from house cars to mansions on wheels

When  retirement finally arrives it brings with it dozens of questions that may not be easy to answer. If you are one of the few who have completely planned your retirement from where to live to what to do with all your time than a motor may or may not be for you. Some retirees have a motorhome in their plans as a means of doing the traveling to all those places they have wanted to see or to visit friends or family. The motor home eliminates the need for motels or imposing on friends while spending the night. In addition you could have everything you are used to having at hand while at home. Do you use the internet? With wireless connections now you can have your friendly computer along for the ride. If you have not planned for your retirement and are still struggling with questions of where you want to live than a motorhome could be a good investment for you. With a self contained motor home you can travel to distant cities and spend a few days or a few months there to be sure the climate and other aspects of the area really appeal to you. Think of how difficult it is when you purchase your retirement dream home only to find after a few months that is not what you wanted after all. Maybe you are lonely for the family you left behind or miss old friends. Much better to discover these problems before a home is purchased and then has to be resold and all the furniture moved again. Many areas have special parks made for the motorhome owner. Paved streets, electrical, water and sanitary connections areall available. These parks usually rent spaces for about $400 a month which is economical when you consider the cost of motel rentals. Plus you have a stationary home once the motor home is parked. You will not have the bother of moving in and out of expensive motels.

You will most likely tow your car so after you park the motor home you are ready to thoroughly explore the area to see if it really does appeal to you. Nothing works as well as actually living in an area to determine if you will be happy there. Even considering the high cost of gas these days and the possibility that you may lose money on the motor home if you decide to sell it once you have decided where you are to settle, it would still be a bargain. Additionally the high cost of gas works in your favor at the present time as it has caused the prices for these motorhomes to be greatly reduced. So you can see that a motorhome does not necessarily mean a recreational vehicle. It can be your guide to peace of mind while searching for your dream home.